Prepare a Meal or Donate Food

Meals From the Heart

Offering a home-cooked meal or a quick snack is one of the most important ways we can provide our guest families with the comfort of home, especially after a long day at the hospital. Thanks to our Meals from the Heart Program, nightly dinners, along with breakfast on the weekends, are prepared by community groups at each of our three Ronald McDonald Houses. We need your help to continue providing this source of comfort to those who call our Houses their home-away-from-home.

Two Ways to Participate

Prepare a meal or have one delivered to the Ronald McDonald House

Volunteers will have to pass a health screening process and agree to the volunteer guidelines. If you prefer not to cook in the House, you are welcome to have a meal delivered from a local restaurant. For delivery examples, please visit our Meal Delivery Example List here.

Individuals can reserve a date to prepare or deliver a meal using our online calendar. 

Donate food items

Are you looking for another way to give back? You can help keep our pantries full for guest families to cook their own meals.  Consider donating any of the following items to help feed RMHC guest families:

  1. Pantry/nonperishable items (canned fruits, jerky, soup, protein bars, grains, and canned veggies)
  2. Frozen entrées (Marie Calendar family size lasagnas, baked ziti, meatloaf, etc.)
  3. Prepared deli meals (chicken, salads, sandwiches, etc.)
  4. Kitchen basics (seasonings, single-serving disposable meal containers, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Start by reading the Meals from the Heart Program guidelines by clicking hereTo protect the health and safety of guest families, all volunteers are required to read these guidelines before participating.
  2. Next, find an available date on the calendar that works for your group. To view the calendar, click on the link below for the location of your choice. 
    2024 Calendars: 
    West County RMH Calendar
    Park Avenue RMH Calendar
    West Pine RMH Calendar 
    2023 Calendars: 
    West County RMH Calendar
    Park Avenue RMH Calendar
    West Pine RMH Calendar 
  3. Check the “sign up” box next to the date/meal you would like to book and fill out the requested information. (You may book one or more dates at the same time as long as they are at the same House.)
  4. You will receive an automatic email confirming your dates. Now it’s time to start planning your menu! Check our Recent Menus closer to your volunteer date to see what other groups have cooked. 
  5. You will receive a reminder email five days in advance before you prepare your meal. 
  6. If you have any questions, please reach out to a member of the Family Services Team.