A new Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis

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Finding a Home-away-from-home in St. Louis City

Increasingly more families travel to St. Louis seeking life-saving care at our world-class pediatric hospitals. When life-saving medical care is far from home, affordable accommodations help improve access to treatment, support health and well-being, and alleviate some of the financial and emotional stress of a serious illness. The New Ronald McDonald House will be one of nearly 400 locations worldwide that help families stay close to their sick children when they need to heal.

We have launched a $34 million campaign to raise funds needed to build a new 72-bedroom Ronald McDonald House in St. Louis City. This will increase our overall capacity, serve hundreds of more families each year, and reduce the need to turn away families. The New Ronald McDonald House is located on 2.6 acres at the corner of Chouteau and Tower Grove Avenues. 


“Rest. This is one of the ‘prescriptions’ we give parents while their child is in the hospital. Without it, they aren’t as effective in advocating for and participating in their child’s care, which is so important to their health and healing. Ronald McDonald House makes it possible for families to be close by and well-rested.”

– Dr. Alexis Elward, A pediatric infectious disease physician and Chief Medical Officer at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

A look inside the New House

As the need for space grows, we look forward to our beautiful expansion. The New House will have 72 bedrooms, large dining areas, a commercial kitchen and chef, a rooftop patio, private bedrooms, laundry facilities and more. This new location will be equidistant from St. Louis Children's Hospital and SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital, while adjacent to Shriner's Hospital for Children - St. Louis. 

On December 2, 2022, we hosted the Groundbreaking of the new St. Louis City Ronald McDonald House! Friends and supporters of the House enjoyed a short program from Mayor Jones, past RMHC guest Allyson Huggins, Capital Campaign Co-chair Mike DeCola, and RMHC St. Louis Board Chair Jeff Barone.
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The need continues to grow. In 2019 (pre-pandemic) we were forced to turn away a family in need 3,044 times.   As the pandemic-related restrictions have changed, our demand has rapidly returned over the past two years. We already have more requests for rooms than we can fulfill on some nights, and the numbers continue to grow. Additionally, not all of the bedrooms are open at the West Pine location because of the current setup with shared bathrooms.