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The West County Ronald McDonald House supports the Lawson Family during NICU stay

Lawson Baby

When Sydney and Eric Lawson found out they were expecting their third child, they were overjoyed to add a new addition to their family. Four months into their pregnancy, they found out they were having a healthy baby boy set to enter the world on June 12, 2022.

On March 7, Sydney started experiencing symptoms of Preeclampsia, which is a condition in pregnancy that is caused by high blood pressure, fluid retention and proteinuria, while trying to head back to her hometown in Decatur, Illinois from celebrating her husband, Eric’s birthday in St. Louis, Missouri.

Later in the night an ambulance was called due to Sydney’s severe symptoms. Two days later, Jaxn was born 26 weeks early and was immediately transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital in Creve Coeur.

As the Lawson’s waited to take Jaxn home, the West County House offered them a place to stay.

Eric and Sydney turned to a familiar place to call their home-away-from-home. Sydney often volunteered for different Houses with her fraternity. As for Eric, RMHC St. Louis was new for him especially with his baby staying in the NICU.

“I am part of Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity, and I used to volunteer at the RMH all the time in college.” Sydney said.

Ronald McDonald House Charities is known for always providing a home-away-from-home to families and they were glad to be able to be a resource for the Lawson family.

“Being able to stay at the House means one less thing to worry about. It means that my family gets to be together during this trying time,” said Sydney Lawson. The most helpful part of the RMH is the fact that it is on the hospital’s property. We can walk over to see Jaxn or if something happens, we can make it very quickly to him.”

All our Ronald McDonald Houses are located near or on the premises of children’s hospitals so that families are steps away from their child.

While the whole Lawson family was staying at RMHC, they would often take the opportunity to spend quality time with each other by going to different family attractions that the house would offer.

“A favorite memory of ours has been being able to step away for a while and take the children to the magic house and allow them to have a great time.” Sydney said.

Ronald McDonald House Charities partners with different attractions such as the City Museum, the Zoo, and Paul Mitchell. Tickets are also donated to the House from hospitable community members.

The partnership passes are provided for the entire family to enter the attractions for free. Families can go as many times as they would like, thanks to generous donors.

“I think people should know that RMHC is a community, and one big family with amazing resources,” Sydney said. “Being here showed me how important donations are.”

In July, doctors confirmed how well Jaxn had developed and authorized for him to go home to his family. He now gets to bond with his siblings and be in the comfort of his home.

If the Lawson’s ever need a place to stay while in St. Louis for Jaxn’s health, Ronald McDonald House will be here to provide a place to stay.

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