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Reflections from Laura Cox

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Our twins were born 6 weeks early and were soon transferred from our local hospital to [SSM Health] Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. With help from the social worker at the hospital, we were able to get a room at the nearby Ronald McDonald House on our 10th day in the NICU.

Our son was able to be released after two weeks in the NICU, and the staff at the Ronald McDonald house burst into action to make sure he would have a place to sleep on his release! They ordered a brand new pack and play along with sheets, and had it all set up along with a diaper genie in the room when I got to “bring my baby home from the hospital” to our home-away-from-home at the Ronald McDonald House.

The staff was so understanding and helpful with my husband only being able to be there with us part-time when he was required to return to work.

I was able to go back and forth to the NICU with my baby son while my daughter stayed in the NICU an additional month. Since we live two hours away from Cardinal Glennon, this was such a blessing for us to be able to be there daily.

Although my daughter has had to be in the hospital a couple of times since, we were able to coordinate care at home so that just I came and stayed in her room. But as she has a life-long condition that will require future hospital stays, I know that there may be a day when we need the services at the Ronald McDonald House again and I pray that they will be able to help us when that need arises.

All of the volunteers that brought in supper and weekend breakfasts were so much appreciated. After a day of dealing with doctors, nurses, treatments, procedures, and surgeries….you don’t always make it to the cafeteria before closing, or just can’t face going there once again. Knowing there will be something waiting for you to eat at the RMHC…well, it is just priceless. I hope they realize what a blessing they are giving to those in need. It was so very much appreciated.

I want to thank RMHC St. Louis from the bottom of my heart. You have been such a blessing to my family.

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